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Education Innovation     Communication     Teaching

Co-creator of UH Collective

Virtual Reality, Embodiment, Empathy, Learning, Raising Awareness, Unreal Engine, 360 video, Adobe Premier

I co-founded a virtual reality collective creating projects around education and gender equality using empathy and embodiment. In 2017 we held an expo featuring an experience about the origins of gender construction and in 2018 we showcased our first 360 film experience about sexual health inequalities. With UH Collective I give workshops and training around these topics.

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Mobile App Development

UX, UI, Iteration, Mock-ups, Promotional Content, Users, Market Research, Website Development

I was a pedagogical engineer and content development intern for the Arabic language-learning application Arabigo. I created exercises, designed the campaign video and co-designed the website.

Projects in mixed reality

Project-based learning, Collaboration, Group Work, Consultation, Mentoring, Discussion

A co-leader of the CRI Tech Alliance, I supported and consulted with students about their extended reality projects in VR, AR and MR.