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Education Innovation     Communication     Teaching


Facilitation, Learning, Inclusion, Participation, 

Open Science

I've been a workshop animator for WAX Science in France, giving workshops about gender parity in S.T.E.M fields and a mentor for students at Summer Science Factory in Croatia, facilitating teenagers learning scientific concepts and tools through active, project-based learning. I've also held and participated in numerous workshops around rapid prototyping and the UN sustainable development goals.

Pedagogical Engineering

Curriculum, EdTech, LX Design, Game Theory, Iteration


I've gained experience as a pedagogical engineer during my time working on app development and also creating the workshops I give. Workshop topics vary among using virtual reality for education, gender, privilege and more. This field incorporates research, innovative & design thinking and practice in order to try new methodologies and document experience. 

ESL & Translation

Language, English, Knowledge Transfer, Active Learning, Immersion, Gamification


I've been a TESOL-certified English teacher since 2015 and teach all ages in schools and private trainings around the Paris region. The core techniques I use are games, active learning, contextualisation and immersion.

I also work in translation services for websites as I speak English and French fluently.

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